Family Owned, Family Run

Cactus Bore is family operated over our two sites around the small town of Swan Reach in South Australia

We pride ourselves on producing premium quality carcases from all of our stock.

It is very much a family affair with three generations involved in caring for the animals and the day to day running of the two properties.


Our Berkshire pigs are are run in our hybrid piggery. This gives us benefits of both traditional piggery settings as well as free range.  The pigs have outdoor space to play and socialise as well as undercover area and enclosed sleeping quarters. We are Sow stall free however we do have refuge areas for the piglets to seek isolation from the Mother.

Our pigs are fed rations of fresh greens and mixed grains.
All our feed ingredients are grown in house or sourced locally. We grind and blend our feed onsite weekly to ensure freshness. We do not use hormones or growth promotors, just a well ballenced diet and no stress enviroment. 

We run a strict QA program including a vaccination program that is antibiotic free.

Because of the way our opperation is run and our quality breeding stock, our pigs grow evenly and timely. This ensures premium quality pork all year round.

We are also registered breeders and can provide breeding stock by arangement.

Wagyu Beef

We have begun breeding F1 Wagyu cross Angus Cattle.
Our Bull Tojo-LakeWagyu L9 was purchase from Lake Wagyu in June 2017. 

He is a Fullblood Wagyu from the Tajima blood line. Shired by Sharikan he is at the top end of marbling expectation and will produce well marbled off spring when crosed over our hand picked large frame Black Angus.

We are expecting our first lot of Calves in early April 2018.
​Our Claves then will be finnished off on lucerne pasture and grain supliments until they reach market weight.

​Cross Breed Lambs

Quality cross breed lambs, finished on lush green lucerne pastures.
​This is a new part of our buisness that we would like to expand as time goes on.