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Some Offers

While you wait, have a look at this great offers!


Berkshire Pork Variety Box 1/4 a pig 10-12kg
$ 180
  • Made from a variety of cuts including Loin chops, Spare Ribs, Pork Rump, Scotch filet, Mince and diced pork are packed into 500g packs. roasts are around 2kg. the picture is a representation of the box. Boxes can vary from time to time.


10kg F1 Wagyu Beef Variety Box
$ 300
  • Made from a variety of Steaks, including T-Bone, Rump, Scotch Filet, Top Side and Sandwich steaks and more. A Roast, Mince and Shin Beef. Packages of everything except roasts are packed for two of 500g. Please Note boxes vary from time to time


Prime Lamb Variety Box 1/2 a lamb 10-12kg
$ 180
  • Basically half a lamb in the box, plus or minus the weight difference. Cuts include Loin chops, Forequarter chops, Neck chops, leg Roast, lamb Ribs and Shanks the picture is a representation of the box. please note Boxes vary from time to time.